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Friday, 5 February 2016

Things Of The Week

This week brought good news that I already had, but made it official. As you all know, I signed with Blake Friedmann back in December, but hadn't actually been added to the client list on the website. That has now been rectified, and includes my best 'windswept and interesting' author photo, which came as a great relief as I thought they were about to come to their senses and realise they'd been grossly mistaken.

Another cracking review of Angels Of The Silences, courtesy of the brilliant Jim McLeod! Big thanks to Jim, and to everyone else who's helped spread the word about Angels. It means a lot to see this little book get a second chance.

The week also brought my author copy of Angels too, which now sits on my 'ego shelf' along the original Pendragon Press edition with its Neil Williams cover.

And it brought the news that my short story 'Hushabye', which first appeared in Ellen Datlow's Inferno, will be reprinted in Ellen's new anthology Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror, out from Tachyon Press on October 31st.

And Hell's Ditch will be out in paperback at the beginning of March! I'll be at Waterstones Liverpool One on March 11th to sign copies and otherwise generally disport myself - more details to follow in due course.

So, all told, a really good week!

This excellent and thought-provoking article by Nina Allan wasn't a thing last week, but it was the week before, and I think it's worth sharing. I'll blog more about this in due course, hopefully.

Have a grand week, all of you! Thanks for your continued support.

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