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'Among the most important writers of contemporary British horror.' -Ramsey Campbell


A brand-new novella, published by Black Shuck Books.

You never know which ideas will stick in your mind, let alone where they’ll go. Roth-Steyr began with an interest in the odd designs and names of early automatic pistols, and the decision to use one of them as a story title. What started out as an oddball short piece became a much longer and darker tale about how easily a familiar world can fall apart, how old convictions vanish or change, and why no one should want to live forever.

It’s also about my obsession with history, in particular the chaotic upheavals that plagued the first half of the twentieth century and that are waking up again. Another ‘long dark night of the European soul’ feels very close today.

So here’s the story of Valerie Varden. And her Roth-Steyr.

"Roth-Steyr is bold and original, a scary, yet poignant, departure for an author who is always pushing at the limits of his craft." - Gary McMahon, author of Glorious Beasts, The Bones Of You and The Concrete Grove.

"The combination of exciting premise and a strong cast of characters—especially our heroine—makes for an exciting, well-paced and thoroughly fantastic read." -This Is Horror

"Val [is] a three-dimensional character and her voice pulls you in... a hugely impressive piece of worldbuilding... a fascinating lead character who over the tale we get to know quite intimately and fully behind a battle for survival. Well worth your time! " -Runalong The Shelves.

"It features Viennese aristocrats turned into immortal soldiers that can only be killed with magic pistols, a mystical gate to another (and very disturbing) dimension, assassinations, early 20th century European politics, a mad scientist, and a jaded lesbian anti-heroine. It’s a bizarre mixture of Highlander, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and the brutal teacher and ruthless training sequences from Stephen King’s The Gunslinger. And, quite frankly, there’s a lot in there to love... A solid, well-written, and highly enjoyable story. I was hooked from the very first page. I wish this book was twice as long as it is, and perhaps that’s one of the greatest compliments one can give to a story." - The Future Fire.

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