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Wednesday 16 September 2009

And Yet More Squee...

Sorry, but I've just fallen in love with that word. Even though I'm not sure if men are supposed to squee.

For the benefit of those wondering what the hell I'm on about:

verb: To squeal with glee; from a combination of the two words; the sound of an excited fangirl

noun: A feeling of excitement and happiness, such that one feels like squeeing

"Squee!!! Have you seen the trailer for the new movie?!"

You wouldn't believe how full of squee I am right now.
-From the Urban Dictionary.

Although it also gives the alternative definition:

1. a random ecstatic exclamation
2. a furry rodent from MYST III: Exile

SQUEE!! this is so great!!! EHEHEHEEHAHA
I want a pet squee.

I have no idea what the blazes MYST III (or indeed, MYST I, MYST II or any subsequent MYSTS) is/are. But if it's just a 'random ecstatic exclamation', maybe it's OK...

There was a point to all this.

Oh yes.

I am currently full of squee and squeeing all over the place.

The reason?

Deathray magazine has given Tide Of Souls a four star review. *

One, two, three...


Hm. Still not sure I should be squeeing in public. But it's too much fun. It's all Cate Gardner's fault.

I think I'd better go and have a lie down.

* Thanks to the very cool Jonathan Green, fellow Abaddon Books scribe, without whose blog I wouldn't have known about it. Any lovers of Victoriana and steampunk, should check out his Pax Britannia series of novels- hugely bonkers, imaginative fun.

Sunday 6 September 2009

Back To Pimping Myself Shamelessly

OK, I'll post something funny or about someone else again soon. Promise. In the meantime, though...

A few more nice things have happened lately. The news in brief:

A new review of Tide Of Souls has been posted by Matthew F. Riley here. Thanks Matthew!

A gentleman by the name of Jim Dodge Jr gives the novel a short and sweet review here. I don't remember setting the novel in Ireland, mind you, but it seems churlish to complain when being complimented- ta muchly, Mr Dodge!

Another Matthew, the very cool Matthew Fryer to be precise, gives Pictures Of The Dark a glowing review at his site. Matthew's an excellent reviewer and a connoisseur of the best the genre has to offer. Although obviously of course I'm going to say that... but if you appreciate the best of the weird fiction genre then do yourselves a favour and go check out the Hellforge.

Tide also got a good write-up in Black Static magazine by the estimable Peter Tennant.

There are interviews as well! I've posted a link to Peter's interview with me previously, but what the hey, here it is again. And there's a new one from Steve Jensen at The Black Glove.

I'm off to Fantasycon in a couple of weeks, which I'm looking forward to tremendously, as it's a great chance to meet up with fellow writers and talk about the things that interest us without getting (too many) funny looks. Also to polish off large amounts of beer and curry. The convention is also the occasion where the winners of the annual British Fantasy Awards are announced. And I'm very proud to announce I'm on the shortlist in the Best Novella category.

That shortlist in full:

  • Cold Stone Calling (Simon Clark) Tasmaniac Publications
  • Gunpowder (Joe Hill) PS Publishing
  • Heads (Gary McMahon) We Fade To Grey, Ed. Gary McMahon - Pendragon Press
  • N (Stephen King) Just After Sunset - Hodder & Stoughton
  • The Narrows (Simon Bestwick) We Fade To Grey, Ed. Gary McMahon - Pendragon Press
  • The Reach of Children (Tim Lebbon) Humdrumming
All really good writers. And yes, the fourth one down is STEPHEN KING. As my wonderful fellow writer Cate Gardner (wholly gratuitous link to her blog because she's just so damn cool) would say:


To be honest, I'm trying to make myself not care about the award. The work's the important part, not the tick you get for doing it... but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be pleased (try ecstatic) if I won. That said, just getting to the shortlist is something to be proud of.

Right, I'm all pimped out. Abnormal service will be restored as soon as possible.