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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Update 3 of 3: The Condemned - Hardcover Edition

The Condemned, my new collection, is now out in paperback. Unfortunately the printers, Biddles, has now gone into administration. They did so before printing the limited edition hardcover of the book, but not, sadly, before taking payment from Gray Friar Press for it.

Due to the extremely ballsed-up nature of things at Biddles - whose boss, apparently, was invoicing people practically up to the moment they went under - getting the money back may be easier said than done.

As a result of all this, I'm sorry to say that the hardcover edition of the book may not now happen.

None of this is the fault of Gary Fry at Gray Friar, who is very much the victim here and who has behaved throughout like the honest gentleman that he is. I know that he's already working on a solution for those who've pre-ordered the hardcover.

The paperback is still very much available and you can buy it here, here and here.

Update 2 of 3: Best British Fantasy 2013, Let's Drink To The Dead Reviewed and Machen, Maggie & Moses Gate...

My short story 'Dermot' has been reprinted again, this time in The Best British Fantasy 2013, published by Salt and edited by the estimable Steve Haynes. I'm delighted to announce that it also includes a story from the ever-reigning Cate, 'Too Perfect For Human Form'. And many, many more good tales.

My mini-collection Let's Drink To The Dead has received a glowing review from Anthony Watson at Dark Musings, who says: 'Disturbing and horrifying, Let's Drink to the Dead is another brilliant piece of writing from Simon Bestwick. Buy it you should.'

The most recent instalment of my Heretic Songs column at This Is Horror is The Shrinking Space, which manages to talk about legacies of Arthur Machen and Margaret Thatcher (pauses to spit), and also about Moses Gate Country Park in Bolton, in an attempt to find out what the hell has gone so wrong with how we live now.

Update 1 of 3: Joolz Denby Interview and A Tribute To Richard Matheson

Hello there.

Yes, it's been a while. Sorry about that. So here I am, bringing you up to date on events in Bestwickland. There's a fair bit, so I'm breaking it up into three chunks: it's all go over here.

The first one concerns two of my favourite writers. The news is sad in respect of one of them, but great in respect of the other.

Richard Matheson: He was legend.
Richard Matheson died on Sunday. He was a brilliant writer who worked in many genres and media, but he's best known for his SF and horror fiction.

I'd loved his work for decades and had always considered him one of the greats; as with Ray Bradbury's passing last year, even though I never met the man, his passing brings with it an acute sense of personal loss.

This Is Horror are publishing tributes to the man at the moment: you can find mine here.

On a happier note, I recently got to interview the poet, novelist, short story writer, artist and tattooist Joolz Denby, one of my favourite writers, not to mention a hell of a role model.

Joolz Denby: Another legend. Oh, and me.
The first part (the second will follow in due course) is now up - also at This Is Horror. It's an illuminating and honest interview with a writer who deserves a much bigger readership.

You can read it here.