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Monday 29 August 2011

Loving Angels

No, I haven't suddenly become a Robbie Williams fan- sorry, Cate... :-)

That nice Theresa Derwin over at Terror Tree has been reviewing again, this time Angels Of The Silences. And she rather liked it, too! As you can see.

Funny, beautifully written and poignant, Angels of the Silences is a fantastic chapbook that demonstrates Bestwick’s skill as a writer... Good things really do come in small packages. Try this now.

Certainly made my weekend. Thanks Theresa!

Friday 19 August 2011

Best of Tomes of the Dead Vol 2- More Love for Tide of Souls

Teresa Derwin over at Terror-Tree has reviewed Abaddon's new omnibus edition of Tomes of the Dead, which squeezes me between the covers (oo-er missus) with Gary McMahon and Jasper Bark. Or at least packs Tide of Souls together with Gary's novel Hungry Hearts and Jasper's The Way of the Barefoot Zombie.

Of the collection as a whole, Teresa says it 'contains three of the most satisfying zombie novels I’ve seen in a while' and 'represents some of the best horror writers today and indeed, three fine examples of classic zombie fiction. More importantly they are particularly diverse so the reader won’t become bored having three books in one on the same theme as they are so intrinsically different. This collection is a must for zombie fans and is great value for money.'

Of Tide of Souls in particular, she says 'With a great grasp of regional dialogue, Bestwick delivers a genuinely creepy zombie story.'

Which is nice. You can read the full review and check out Teresa's website here.

Black Static 24

This was awaiting me when I got home from work the other day. Columns by Stephen Volk, Chris Fowler and Mike O'Driscoll, book reviews by Peter Tennant and fiction! Fiction by Tim Lees (excellent) with more by Simon McCaffery, K Harding Stalter and RAMSEY CAMPBELL! Oh, and me. Yup, I'm in there with a short story called 'Dermot'. It's a bleak, nasty little tale and I like it a lot. Feel free to check it out. The magazine as a whole is, as always, well worth your time.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan

Lou Morgan is a really lovely lady- writer and interviewer and all-round good egg. I say she's really lovely not because she's reviewed my work, or interviewed me, or done anything career-boosting or anything like that, but just because I've met her at a couple of conventions and she's a genuine sweetie.

So I'm very, very happy for Lou today, because she's announced her novel Blood and Feathers has been bought by Solaris Books for publication next year.

Big congrats and hugs to Lou.

In other news, I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of Nowhere Hall by the ever-reigning Cate. There shall be bloggage when it arrives, oh yes there shall...