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Sunday 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween, Folks!

Tonight, I'll be staying in, turning the lights off, and watching as many horror movies as I can. Have a good 'un, folks!

Monday 25 October 2010

Cut This, You Bastards

One week on from the spending review, and I'm still too angry to write anything about it that doesn't involve the words 'hang the bastards from lampposts'. I will, eventually. (The writing, not the hanging from lampposts. Obviously. I've got a bone in my leg, or something.) In the meantime, though, here's a nice little fuck-you to David C*ntmoron, Gideon Osborne, Nick 'Judas' Clegg and the whole damn jackal-pack of greedy, vicious, right-wing millionaire scumbags and their plans to destroy our public services, create mass unemployment and generally crucify the rest of us for the bankers' gambling debts:

La Lotta Continua!

Thursday 7 October 2010

There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Internet Browser...

...but I'm not here.

Today, I'm over there. At that nice Mr Simon Marshall-Jones' blog. Being very grumpy about chavs and reality TV and other signs of the impending cultural apocalypse. However, I also reveal why Julie Burchill actually serves a useful function, so you might find that interesting. Warning: there are rude words.

Sunday 3 October 2010

New Model Army

Never Again was launched at the Fantasycon on Saturday 18th September, and I'm glad to say it went very well. Plenty of copies shifted, and plenty of good publicity for this anthology, which deserves to sell widely and well- both for its content, and for its cause.

The Quietus picked the anthology as its Book of the Day on October 1st. Joel and Ally are hoping to get Amnesty International to make it available in their online shop. But the proudest moment of all...

I make no bones about it: New Model Army are, quite simply, my favourite band in the world. Their blend of musical excellence, powerful lyrics, politics, emotional commitment and love of nature (among many other traits) has meant a hell of a lot to me over the years, ever since some saintly soul first played the Thunder And Consolation album to me. They're the best- a great band with guts and integrity who've ploughed their own furrow and gone their own way over a career spanning thirty years and whose latest album, Today Is A Good Day, is as good as anything they've ever done.

New Model Army have listed Never Again on their website, here.

This is- purely personally- a very proud moment.

So if you get the chance to buy this anthology, it is well worth buying. And if New Model Army are playing your town, it's worth going to see them, especially if you've never seen it. I think you owe it to yourself.