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Monday 10 December 2012

Let's Drink To The Dead- An Early Christmas Present To You All

Those lovely people at Solaris Books have brought out a little something of mine.  And it's absolutely free of charge.

Let's Drink To The Dead is an ebook-only mini-collection- two longish stories, plus a novelette, set in the Lancashire town of Kempforth during the 1980s.

Kempforth is the setting of my second novel, The Faceless, and the three tales- The Sight, Gideon and How Briefly Dead Children Dream feature a number of characters from the book.

A dour, isolated community, high on the Lancashire hills, where cruelty and abuse have always found dark corners to flourish in.  Kempforth is a town full of secrets; in these three tales, you’ll uncover some of them.

A brother and sister discover that escape from their sadistic abusers may come at a terrible price…

A teenage runaway confronts the ghosts of a long-abandoned hospital’s macabre past…

An old woman fights to save two children from a demonic predator…


If you've read The Faceless, these stories will hopefully add a little extra texture and background to the novel; if not, this collection will give you something of a taster.

You can download the collection free of charge from Solaris' website, here.

Merry Christmas.