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Monday, 15 February 2016

Things of the Week, 15th February 2016 (Part Deux)

Forgot to add in the previous post...

'Things of the Week' seems to be becoming a semi-regular... well... thing, here, so I do my best to make it a bit of a public service announcement wherever possible. So here are a couple of posts that make pretty vital reading for any of you who are writers of SF/F/H fans.

First, may I commend to your attention this post by Juliet E. McKenna (a fine writer who's also gone to bat for UK authors as a whole with regard to the EU's chaotic VATMOSS mess) -
Brief Thoughts On Women Being Erased From SFF - Again. It's a seriously familiar - and dispiriting - story, and some people still won't accept that it shows there's a problem. Hence the dispiriting - it's like running into someone who still believes in Young Earth Creationism, or a Flat Earth, or that Global Warming is a Hoax. See accompanying illustration...

The other article is a handy piece on how NOT to share links to your books on Amazon. Pretty handy, if you want to save yourself some hassle...

Oh, and another piece of news is that Health Minister Jeremy Cunt Hunt Cunt is a deeply nasty piece of work: a liar, with a proven agenda to dismantle the National Health Service. I try not to do politics on this blog any more, but I think the NHS is worth breaking that rule over. It isn't perfect, but it's a damned sight better than people suffering or dying from preventable illnesses because they aren't rich enough. We need to defend it, fellow Brits: if we lose it, we'll be sorry. Support the junior doctors, and everyone else who works to save people's lives and give them the care they need.

Okay, rant over. As you were, folks.

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