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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Game Over Reviewed In The Financial Times; Special Love for 'The Face Of The Deep'

Cate and I ended up pottering around Liscard yesterday in search of a copy of the Financial Times - not bloody easy to find in Liscard, I can tell you! - as I'd heard there was a review of Jonathan Green's excellent anthology GAME OVER therein.

And so there was. It had this to say:

'The authors Green has selected, though not household names, are resopected in their fields or notable up-and-comers, and their stories delve beneath the clunky graphics to find paranoia, madness, murder and ghosts. There are three standouts:James Wallis' Tetris-referencing 'The Russian Effect,' Simon Bestwick's 'The Face Of The Deep', which fuses H.P. Lovecraft and Frogger, and James Swallow's 'Screen Burn,' where a long-lost game becomes a lethal urban legend.'
So to celebrate, here is a picture of a happy frog.

And they say it's not easy being green.

You're welcome. :)


Jonathan Green said...

Hearing my daughter read the words 'which fuses H.P. Lovecraft and Frogger' yesterday was a moment I will treasure forever! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well done that man, Nadia laughed at the frogger bit as well.

Congrats both,


Simon said...



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