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Saturday, 31 December 2016

For Your Edification and Delight, The JCS Saga

Facebook's 'On This Day' function can be fun at times, especially around New Year's. Always interesting to remind myself what I was up when various years came to a close. And a whole bunch of statuses came up from last December 31st...

My beloved Cate loves musicals - and to be fair, I've actually seen quite a few I ended up enjoying (including last night's movie, Thoroughly Modern Millie.) But just as I've never been able to convince her of the charms of Blake's 7 or original Dr Who, there are things Cate loves which, well, I don't.

Case in point: last NYE's movie was Jesus Christ Superstar. Unfortunately, I was on Facebook at the time, and this is what happened. Alcohol may have been involved.

This year I get to pick the film...

(ETA: we ended up with a double bill of Beetlejuice and Gravity, in case you were wondering. Picked one each. And were in bed by half-eleven. We lead such a rock-and-roll lifestyle here.)

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