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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Offline October

I meant to post along these lines last week, but with one thing or another I delayed it (not least because I wanted to do a Lowdown beforehand.)

Anyway, a few people I know have been talking about 'Offline October', where they spend the month staying off social media.

I've decided to join them. It's a serious timesuck right now - Facebook in particular - and I spend far too much time dicking around online instead of writing, or reading books, or doing pretty much anything constructive.

So that's it from me till the end of the month. I may break the rule and pop up to pimp Devil's Highway (which is released in ELEVEN DAYS FROM NOW! *Squee*) Or I may not.

In the meantime, email me if you need me. :)

Till then, have fun, and don't break anything!

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