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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Real Talk

Excellent advice for all racists and xenophobes.
Gloria has been my friend for over 20 years. She's Manchester born and bred, and one of the kindest, funniest, warmest, most big-hearted human beings it's ever been my privilege to know. Today, she was tailgated and nearly run off the road - deliberately - by a driver who glared at her with a loathing and contempt that scared her stiff.

Did I mention the colour of her skin isn't white?

This is just one of dozens if not hundreds of similar incidents I've heard about since the EU Referendum. Not just in the news. From people I know. Doesn't even matter if they were born in the UK or not. They look 'a bit foreign.' And that's enough.

Also, as of this moment, I have several friends who've lived in Britain for years but now have no idea whether or not they'll be able to stay.

Real talk: I do not give a FUCK, right now, if you voted Leave ‘but aren't racist’. That's not the issue. Whatever your reasons, every racist piece of shit in the UK now thinks that 52% of the population agrees with them and has just given them the green light to turn on anybody different.

So if you voted Leave, then you need to stop saying 'I'm not racist' when you hear about stuff like this, and instead you need to stand up and SPEAK UP. Make it clear to the racists that they do not speak for you. Because you, more than anyone else, are the ones they need to hear that from. They think you agree with and support them. Tell them, loud and clear, that they do not.

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