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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nice Things of the Week(end)

A few other nice things have happened since I last posted on that subject, and so I thought I'd share them to bring out a bit of cheer following the last announcement.

First up, I learned from Kate Jonez at Omnium Gatherum that Lynda E. Rucker (a fantastically talented writer and a lovely person into the bargain) had contributed the following blurb for the re-release of Angels of the Silences:

"In this powerful and beautifully written novella, Simon Bestwick unerringly assumes the voice of seventeen-year-old Ems, a narrator whose voice ranges from fragile to furious. By turns stark and elegiac, Angels of the Silences is part devastating tale of an all-too-human evil and the secret lives of teenage girls, but it’s also a story of transcendence, the unassailable bonds of friendship, and the light that can sometimes survive even the darkest places."

*skips and dances round the house, making occasional squee-like noises*

Second, I found out that my short story 'The Churn' (first published in Black Static #27) has been recorded by Tales To Terrify and will be released soon!

*bounces up and down, causing minor earthquake*

Thirdly, the redoubtable Matt Fryer has reviewed Hell's Ditch over at the Hellforge:

"I applaud Simon’s vision. It’s a menacing and bleak world, made tangible by flourishes and attention to detail... It stands alone as a novel, so don’t worry that it’s just a chapter without any resolution: you don’t need to invest in the series. But I bloody well am, and I think you will too...  Like Adam Nevill’s apocalyptic “Lost Girl” released a few months ago, it can be read as a gruesome thriller but also enjoyed for its thoughtful layers and complex moral core, and I can’t wait for the next instalment."

 *sings along with CD player, shattering windows across the Wirral*

Thanks also to all who've sent messages of support in the wake of the Black Mountain announcement, bought copies of mine or Cate's stuff by way of support, or offered us a place to stay for the honeymoon! Thanks too to Neil Williams and Graeme Reynolds - they both know why. :)

Anyway, on with what's left of the weekend...

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