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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

News And Reviews: IT'S LAUNCH DAY!

Well, today's the day! After the months of me going on about it, Hell's Ditch has finally been released!

It's up on Amazon here. Due to an attack of the Gremlins, the ebook version isn't available there yet.

(This may have been Amazon, earlier today. Or not.)

But you can buy it direct from Snowbooks here, at a 50% discount. (And you can get the hardback from there too, with £5 off.)

Week Two of the blog tour is underway as well! Yesterday, Mark West hosted Can One Man Survive?, my tribute to Jerry Ahern's cult classic, the Survivalist series; today you've got it in stereo, with Paul Finch giving you a sneak peek into A Fallen World, and my beloved Cate sharing some musings about Peter Watkins' bone-chilling 'after the bomb' docudrama, The War Game. Thanks to all these people!

And thanks, too, to the reviewers! Sapient at PopMythology: 'What a belter! ...Hell’s Ditch is a rollercoaster ride that clatters along at a wonderful pace and is a fantastic start to what promises to be an engaging and horrific series. Bring on the next book!'
Dark Musings saith: 'I loved the time I spent on the world of Hell’s Ditch and I look forward with much anticipation to the follow ups. It’s a book I recommend highly.'
From The Eloquent Page: 'Darkly entertaining and hugely ambitious in scope. I think I’ll be adding this book to my list of go to apocalyptic fiction... explores the primal fears that drive a society towards its own destruction.'
And finally, from the mighty Jim McLeod's Ginger Nuts Of Horror: 'This is an intelligent novel that works as both a simple post-apocalyptic horror novel and as a deeper more engaging moral ambiguity of war. A perfect mix of action, horror, Celtic mythology and clever discourse on the human condition, Hell's Ditch will not disappoint. Hell's Ditch is the first installment of The Black Road quadrilogy, and based on the brilliance of this novel, it is a road that I cannot wait to journey along.'

And coming up shortly, there's the online launch party. With a free excerpt from the novel and a chance to win freebies, it should be fun. See you there, I hope! All are welcome.

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