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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Blog Tour: Week One!

The Hell's Ditch Blog Tour is well and truly underway! The first two posts are now live.

Over at This Is Horror, there's Between the Cold War and the Third:

All life on earth seemed caught in the crossfire between two increasingly brutal and ruthless regimes, run by cruel, sickly old men. Is it any wonder so many writers depicted a world on the point of falling apart, where monsters lurked in every shadow?

At Ray Cluley's blog, Probably Monsters, there's an interview:

Reminders of what’s been lost – the people, the whole way of life – are everywhere, all around you. You literally cannot get away from it, there are a hundred things, every day, to trigger a flashback of some kind.  

At Keith Brooke's Infinity Plus, you can now read an exclusive extract from the novel:

And the worst thing, the worst, worst thing, is the absence of sound. When those faces lift and gape wider to howl their prayers and agony to the uncaring, dying sky, she sees chests and shoulders heave as they try to scream. But there’s nothing.

And at James Bennett's blog, you can read about how it came to be written - and published! - in The Long Black Road Out Of Hell. 

I had this image: a city, in the future, rundown and broken. In the middle of it was a tower, gleaming and futuristic; from it, a brutal dictator ruled, with an army of uniformed thugs.

I'll keep this updated as the week goes on.

The full itinerary is here.

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