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Friday, 20 November 2015

An Announcement

As some of you may recall, I had cause to visit London earlier this month. I couldn't say why at the time, but promised an exciting professional announcement in due course. So here it is.

Back in the summer, I wrote a crime novel. I subsequently sent it off to several agents. Three asked to see the full MS; two offered representation. Hence the trip to London, to meet them both face to face - and then to make a decision.

It was a very difficult choice, as both were brilliant agencies and it would have been a huge honour to get an offer from either. Even so, I managed in the end. I signed the contracts last week and returned them; I was going to say something last Friday but as everyone knows, other events - horrible events - took place, and to do so would have been grossly insensitive.

So, anyway, here's the news: I'm now represented by Tom Witcomb at the Blake Friedmann Agency.

I've been working to get an agent for the last couple of years; it's a funny feeling to have actually achieved that goal. Now I've done so, of course, I've got to remember that it's just one step on the journey, one rung on the ladder - there are many, many more hills to climb, and I may well have to find a proper job again in the interim. But it's an important step, an important rung, and I'm happy to have got this far.

Have a safe and happy weekend, and take care, folks.


LauraWat said...

Brilliant news. Glad to hear it!

Unknown said...

Woo hoo!

Unknown said...

Very happy for you my friend. You deserve the recognition xx

Shaun Hamilton said...

Well bugger me a new one! Well done, young sir. Fully, fully deserved.

Unknown said...

Imso so pleased for you simon. You are talented of that i don't doubt, and i believe youwill go far. Congratulations xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Simon,

More power to your elbow,