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Thursday, 22 March 2012

News Roundup #1: Tumblers

Hello all!

(Totally random pic, I know. But hey, I liked it.)

Yes, it's been ages since I last bloggaged here. Sorry about that! Hope you weren't worried. (I expect I'm flattering myself there.) :)

Just been quite busy of late. Also, planned to blog re the SFX Weekender (and hopefully will, albeit much belatedly) but kept putting it off. In the meantime, much else hath occurred, so the total amount of stuff that needed putting in a new blog post piled up and up. Making the job bigger and bigger. And so I kept putting it off.

Soooo... over the next few days/weeks I'll be posting a series of News Roundups like this, just to bring all the news that's fit to print to your attention.

So first off- and yes, this is a bit belated and all- I have a story up on This Is Horror's Flash Fear section. 'Tumblers' is a bit less than 800 words long, which was quite a fun length to write at. It was also nice to write something 'blind' for once: I started with the title, went with the first opening line it suggested... and lo and behold, it took shape.

I like it, anyway, and it has a very cool illustration by Mr Dan Henk. Thanks to Michael Wilson for inviting me to contribute!

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