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Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween Everybody

Have a lovely time and stay safe.

Me, I'm staying in and having a bit of a movie marathon, I reckon. Just had a bit of a shopping spree in Manchester and seem to have accidentally bought From Beyond The Grave on DVD, along with John Carpenter's The Ward and, indeed, a John Carpenter box set.

If you're looking for some suitable reading matter for Halloween, of course, allow me to point you in the direction of Estronomicon's Halloween issue, which is now up on t'internet and includes my story 'The Psalm'.

And my first movie tonight, will, I think, be... this one.

Goodnight out there... whatever you are. :)


Cate Gardner said...

'The Psalm' - chilling, chilling, chilling and I kept thinking of you on that hill. Ha! How odd. 'Cowls that were deep cups of shadow...' Beautiful.

Simon said...

Aw, thanks Cate. Really glad you liked it. :)

Anthony Watson said...

I really enjoyed The Psalm too - very atmospheric. Oh - and congratulations on the Stoker Award recommendation.

Simon said...

Thanks Anthony- I was going to say 'what Stoker nomination?' but then I remembered that Google is your friend. All I can say is... OMG.