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Friday, 31 December 2010

Here Goes The Year That Was, or something like that.

So, 2010 is about to slip away. The year I completed The Song Of The Sybil (but not the year of finding a publisher for it) and generally doing a lot of work that hasn't yet paid off. Also the year that Jilly's, aka Rockworld, my favourite club since I was teenager, closed down.

Worst of all, 2010 was the year of my grandmother dying, and the year I couldn't spend Christmas with my family because of the dreaded lurgey. My gran was one hell of a lady, and I will miss her profoundly. But she was a tough, determined woman, and she'd give me the flea of all fleas in the ear if I got mopey. So, may as well acknowledge that 2010 had a few things to recommend it. A few of them were:

The World Horror Con in Brighton, where I got to meet not a few writing heroes of my misspent yoof. In particular, I got to meet the lovely Roberta Lannes, who is now a good friend to boot.

Getting to finally meet the ever-reigning Cate (not to mention living to tell the tale after looking on such awesomeness) and getting to read her first story collection.

Other friends made this year include the writer and film-maker Anna Taborska and a tough, warm-hearted Sheffield lass by the name of Vicky Morris- a tiny dynamo of energy, creativity and good humour on a mission to get young folk writing. Thanks for kicking my arse, Vic.

Christ, I even had a date this year. Miracles happen.

Seriously, there's a point to all this. Goodbye to the loved ones who've gone away; you will be remembered. To the friends and family who made this year worthwhile: thank you.

Have a great New Year's Eve tonight, however you choose to celebrate it, and may 2011 be a happier and more joyful year for all of you- and us.

And so, to play us out... if you're from my generation, this choice will make sense. Air guitar optional.


Cate Gardner said...

I'm sure all that work will pay off this year.

Enjoy 2011. I intend to. Oh, and I'll probably see you at Fantasycon this year. Mr Marshall Jones is making me go. Damn him.

Oh and my word verification is 'crogrot' - I've decided that's the lurgey you had over Christmas and I'm never wrong.

Simon said...

Thanks Cate- Here's hoping for more success to us both in '11.

My god! Better warn the convention-goers so they can don sunglasses to avoid being blinded by sheer untrammelled awesomeness.

Crogrot... yeah, like it. The name, not the lurgey. I bow to your Cate-al infallibility. ;-)

Good grief, my word verification for this post is 'derive'. That's just... like... a real word. That's no good to me. (Sulks.)

Adele said...

*hugs* 2011 is going to kick ass and no doubt I will see you on the Con circuit. :)
I'd forgotten about the Raccoons, use dto love that show!!