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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well, There's A Big Fekking Surprise

Goodness. A policeman assaults a member of the public- an unarmed woman, smacking her across the face and whacking her with a riot baton, and he's cleared of assault. What a shock that wasn't.

Oh, and the first fuckwitted brainwashed prick to post on here that 'these protesters bring it on themselves by protesting/being unwashed communists/whatever'... can just fuck off. Fuck right off the planet and keep on fucking.

No- wait. First, google 'Second World War' and remind yourselves exactly what so many soldiers from this country died for. Google 'trade unions' as well, 'Tolpuddle Martyrs' in particular, because you're probably the same dickheads talking bullshit about the BA strikes, just to remind yourself how many rights and freedoms that you have that are owed to them.

And then fuck off.


Leigh Russell said...

What gives me the impression you're feeling a tad angry... The police officer's action was not only needlessly violent, it was pretty stupid too, given that he was being filmed. But - hang on - that didn't really matter, did it?
Good to meet a fellow crime writer, by the way, and thanks for dropping by my blog. You're welcome any time.

Unknown said...

Good work fella.

PS Can I fuck off out of general principle?

PPS I have a little over two weeks off work. Now can I fuck off?