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Sunday, 7 March 2010

BFS Forum

Well, there's now another place on the web for me to pour my egomania... I've been invited to start a chat thread about myself on the British Fantasy Society Forum. Right... about... here.

If you like horror or science fiction- or, indeed, fantasy, funnily enough- whether it be on TV, cinema or the page, then it's worth visiting the website. And maybe even joining the BFS itself. You might even want to nip down to Fantasycon, the annual convention, in Nottingham, which is great fun- a very friendly gathering where you can buy cool books and stuff, attend panels on all sorts of subjects, and get suitably ratted in good company. There are regular BFS open nights as well, so have a look-see if there's one in your area. It's always nice to hang out with people you can talk to without being made to feel weird. Even though you are. ;)


James Lecky said...

Congrats on the multiple nominations for the BFS Award, keepin' me fingers, toes and eyes crossed for ye.

Simon said...

Thanks Jim- and good on you too. Here's to the best of luck to both of us. I shall raise a glass of something with a high alcohol content to you in Brighton!