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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This And That

Well, it's been an odd few weeks since I last posted here. Among other things, I've watched someone I've known for a number of years, who I'd had quite a lot of respect for, savage one of my closest friends, in the most vicious, dishonest and cowardly terms, in a public forum. It probably goes without saying that I will have nothing more to do with said person, who's managed to sink to such a depth that I'd need a bathyscaphe to find him if I wanted to. Which I don't.

Meanwhile, The Song Of The Sibyl was turned down by the second publisher I sent it to. Funnily enough, though, that actually comes as a relief, as the process of rewriting the fekking thing was turning into the kind of marathon session that might very well have lasted the rest of my life.

Now, however, I can put that novel aside and start a new one- a decision I made a while back. Two full chapters have been completed along with part of a third, and a general outline just needs some tidying up. By next week I should be ready to rock again...


Mark West said...

Sorry to hear about the friend business - if it's the board I'm thinking of, it got quite extreme didn't it? Sadly.

What are your plans with Sibyl? And well done on the new novel, is this the apocalyptic one?

David A. Riley said...

It's a shame when things get out of hand like that on, I presume, the Ramsey Campbell Board. It's a pity people can't just treat things like the BFAs as the bit of entertainment they are. After all, they're no guarentee of quality - never have been - just like any other award. They're certainly notworth getting hot under the collar about.

More importantly, commiserations about the novel. Been there, done that. At least you've started another one - and I wish you good luck with it. I currently have one almost finished, one a third finished and, blow me, I've started another. How mad is that?

Cate Gardner said...

Ah, rejection. I know that beast well. Sorry to hear about your friend. That sucks. :(

Simon said...

Cheers everyone. Re the board in question- well, I'm saying nowt. I don't want to to draw any more attention to the business than I had to.

Mark, re the novel- nope, it's not the post-apocalyptic one. I thumbnailed a description over to the publishers and it's not a good fit right now. There's too much apocalyptic stuff about at the minute. But all you can do is keep plugging away.

David- I know, we must all need our heads examining.

Cate- thanks. Sending Tiger Tots in gratitude. Or I would if I had any... ;-)