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Friday, 23 April 2010

A Brief Moment Of Pure Geekiness

Having finally watched the Dr Who episode with the Daleks in WW2 last night, on iPlayer, I'd just like to say that the new design is, to put it politely, godawful.

Hunchbacked. Daleks. They look like the latest variant of the Toyota Aygo. No, no, and NO. Whichever donkey-tromboning prat thought this one up needs shooting, and quite urgently. It is the Windows Vista of Dalek design; misconceived and truly naff. Please reboot. Please.


GARY FRY said...

You seem to be in two minds about this, Simon. Best advice is to spin a coin and see which side you fall down on. I mean, either say you like em or not. No more of this indecisiveness! It's distressing to read.

Unknown said...

Didn't see it, too busy procrastinating. Glad too!

Anonymous said...

Total agreement-change for changes sake that makes no sense - as fascists believing in their racial purity, it makes no sense for a Dalek to want to change it's casing.

Sad fan alert!