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Monday, 8 February 2010

New Review Of Tide Of Souls!

That nice Mr Matt Fryer has posted a very complimentary- er, I mean perceptive- review of Tide Of Souls here on his blog. He also lists Pictures Of The Dark as one of his top ten genre reads of 2009. Which is very nice of him indeed. Go and have a shufti if you feel so inclined.


Unknown said...

Glad to hear it, good stuff.

The Shadow said...

Based on what I've read about Simon and perusing this blog, I bought a copy of Tide of Souls and have been really, really enjoying it. Not only a very entertaining genre book, but a well written novel as well, with lots of rounded characters and a frenetic pace that suits the story well. Good job! You've a collection of short stories, yeah?

Simon said...

Thanks Chris!

Hi, Shadow. Glad you're enjoying the novel- many thanks for the kind words. Yes, there's a collection of short stories from Gray Friar Press, 'Pictures Of The Dark'; also there's an earlier Ash-Tree Press collection from 2004 called 'A Hazy Shade Of Winter'.

Anonymous said...

Dunno who The Shadow is when I'm sure I typed my name in (Robert)! Will keep an eye out for both collections. I've also heard that your short story, The Narrows, is really, really very good.

Simon said...

Many thanks Robert (yep, your name showed up this time!) Quite a few people seem to have liked 'The Narrows'! You can find it, if you're looking for it, either in the original anthology from Pendragon Press (We Fade To Grey) or in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year Volume One.

Cheers again for the interest. Are you attending World Horror in Brighton?

The Shadow said...

Simon, I would if I could but living in Australia precludes a quick trip north!