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Monday, 6 April 2009

Awards, Awards, Awards...

Sorry, chaps and chapesses- more shameless self-promotion awaits!

Two of my pieces- The Narrows and The School House- have been nominated for the British Fantasy Awards for Best Novella.

Very, very happy about this of course.

For anyone wanting to save money, We Fade To Grey is available as a free PDF download here until such time as voting closes. So if you want to read The Narrows, you know where to click. I'll see if I can sort out something similar for The School House.

Next post needs to be a) sooner, and b) about something other than giving my ego an outing. Hm. Better get my thinking cap on.


Mrs Pouncer said...

I think I deserve a British Fantasy Award. At the very least, actually. For example, read my glamorous new post wherein I disclose my recent vis-a-vis with the lovely Debbie McGee, and reveal why I wear Lullaby Lace Frou Skirts and neon pink bow-thongs. Go on.

My word vertification for this comment is ramporte.

Unknown said...

Very well done (seethes with envy). Kidding mate, excellent stuff!

Simon said...

Mrs Pouncer, I did indeed read your post, and glam it was indeed. The image of the neon pink bow-thongs was so overpowering I had to go for a cup of tea and a lie down. Then again, the image of Debbie McGee's husband helped me recover swiftly... That's a devilishly stylish fringe you have, by the way.

Cheers Chris!

Word verification: sheifixe. Like ramporte, it sounds like a word even if it isn't one. I'm going to start noting these down... they're bound to come in handy if I ever write any sword-and-sorcery. 'The beautiful princess Sheifixe is kidnapped by the evil sorceror Ramporte...' and so on for a further eighteen interminable volumes, complete with maps, dwarves, swords of ultimate power and talking dragons.