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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

More on the collection

More news on the forthcoming short story collection from Gray Friar Press:

The collection is due out in May, and has been provisionally titled Pictures Of The Dark. It'll be collecting stories from the first ten years of my writing life. The extremely cool Conrad Williams has agreed to do an introduction.

There will be more news soon(ish). Keep watching the skies...


Unknown said...

Excellent news, mate! Please give me millions of pounds. Go on.

Simon said...

As soon as I have millions of pounds, Chris, you'll be the first to get a cut. *

* Yeah, right. ;)

Scott said...

Hello from across the pond!
I have been reading your blog for awhile and let me tell you I love it. I wanted to post a link to your blog on my site, would you be interested in a link exchange?
Check it out: Http://

Cheers (as the English say)

Simon said...

Scott- That would be lovely! I'll add you to my links list forthwith.