Author and Scriptwriter

'Among the most important writers of contemporary British horror.' -Ramsey Campbell

Short Fiction

"Simon Bestwick is one of my favourite writers. Seek out his stories voraciously and often because they are almost certain to be gems.”
- Stephen Volk
, creator of Ghostwatch and Afterlife.

A brief roll-call of my most recently-published short fiction and details of where to buy it- or in some cases, read it for free- if you're so inclined.

'The Climb', published in Black Static #49 (December 2015)

'No Room For The Weak', published on Mark Allan Gunnells' blog (December 2015) READ IT FOR FREE HERE!
'Horn Of The Hunter', published in The 2nd Spectral Book Of Horror Stories (October 2015)
'The Face Of The Deep', published in Game Over (August 2015)
'Night Templar' published in Black Static #43 (December 2014)
'The Battering Stone' published in Horror Uncut (October 2014)
'The Lowland Hundred' published in Dead Water (June 2014)
'As White As Bone' published in Matter #13 (May 2014)
'Now I Am Nothing' published in World War Cthulhu (December 2013)
'Covenants' published in Twisted Histories (November 2013)
'Stormcats' published in X7 (October 2013)
'Trading Flesh' published in Impossible Spaces. (July 2013)
'Lex Draconis' published in Tales of the Nun and Dragon.

'Shuck' published in Terror Tales of East Anglia.

'Salvaje' published in the Ninth Black Book of Horror.

'Tumblers,' (flash fiction) published at This Is Horror. READ IT FOR FREE! 

'Pax Deorum', 'If You Can't Save Me' and 'And Each Slow Dusk', published at The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog for International Short Story Day 2012. READ THEM FOR FREE!

'Kiss The Wolf' published in Gutshot.

'Dermot' published in Black Static #24, reprinted in Best Horror of the Year #4 and in The Best British Fantasy 2013.

'The Moraine' published in Terror Tales of the Lake District, reprinted in Best Horror of the Year #4.

'The Churn' published in Black Static #27.

'The Psalm' published in Estronomicon, Halloween 2011. READ IT FOR FREE!

'The Children Of Moloch' published in Death Rattles.

'The Sons Of The City' published in The End Of The Line.

'Winter's End' published in Where The Heart Is.

'The Suicide Chairs' published in Apparitions.