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'Among the most important writers of contemporary British horror.' -Ramsey Campbell

Pictures Of The Dark

'Simon Bestwick is a horror writer who - like the best of the writers in this genre - strives for far more than horror. His stories are vivid, poignant and imbued with humanity. This is a man who writes from the heart.'
- Mark Morris

My second collection, published by Gray Friar Press.  The stories in this one tend to cover a wider range of styles and ideas, edging into science fiction and crime.  From my first short story, 'Once' (1997) through to 'The Proving Ground' (2007,) it's a retrospective collection of my first ten years as a writer.  With an introduction by Gary McMahon.  This one's treebook only!  And you can order it here.

'When you can write like this man, you can get away with anything.' -Welcome To The Hellforge.

'Highly recommended.' -Ellen Datlow.

'Bestwick possesses one of the most ferocious, poignant and genuinely terrifying voices in genre fiction... read these stories and experience the courage, integrity and justified rage of a genuine outsider artist.' -from Gary McMahon's introduction.

'A genuine masterpiece.' -D.F. Lewis.  

Love Among The Bones
Red Light
Death Will Come Softly, To The Beat Of A Drum
Starky's Town
Vecqueray's Blanket
From Those Dark Waters, Where Lost Bones Lie
To This Darkness, We Give Light
Welcome To Mengele's
The Hours Of The Dead
Walking In A Winter Wonderland
The Slashed Menagerie
The Loving Of Ghosts
Never Say Goodbye
Going Under, Flying High
The Proving Ground
To Walk In Midnight's Realm
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Touch The Dark
Close My Eyes
When The West Wind Blows

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