Author and Scriptwriter

'Among the most important writers of contemporary British horror.' -Ramsey Campbell

A Hazy Shade Of Winter

'Simon Bestwick writes the kind of fiction that gets under your skin and stays there . . . thoughtful, tense and genuinely scary, his short stories lead you into dark places and then blow out the candle.'
- Alison Littlewood


My first short story collection, published by Ash-Tree Press.  These are mostly my forays into more traditional ghost stories, although they're all pretty dark and modern in setting.  The title story (which provides the image for Paul Lowe's amazing cover illustration) was reprinted by Ellen Datlow in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror #18.  You can still get copies of the hardback here, or it's available as an ebook here.

'Bestwick rarely writes much below his best, and maintains a satisfyingly even pitch across a variety of different, consistently well-realised settings.'  Steve Duffy in All Hallows.

'A strong and engaging collection of tales that engage the supernatural but are ultimately about human fears, hopes, and courage.' -The Harrow.

'A true modern master of horror.'  -SFSite.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Joel Lane 
A Hazy Shade of Winter 
Love Knot 
...And Dream of Avalon 
Come with Me, Down This Long Road 
Home from the Sea 
The Crows 
Close the Door, Put Out the Light 
The Wedding 
The Foot of the Garden 
Running Ragged 
Until My Darkness Goes

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