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'Among the most important writers of contemporary British horror.' -Ramsey Campbell

Let's Drink To The Dead

WELCOME TO KEMPFORTHA dour, isolated community, high on the Lancashire hills, where cruelty and abuse have always found dark corners to flourish in.  Kempforth is a town full of secrets; in these three tales, you’ll uncover some of them.

The Sight
A brother and sister discover that escape from their sadistic abusers may come at a terrible price…

A teenage runaway confronts the ghosts of a long-abandoned hospital’s macabre past…

How Briefly Dead Children Dream
An old woman fights to save two children from a demonic predator…

Set in the 1980s and revisiting the places and characters of Simon Bestwick’s acclaimed THE FACELESS, LET’S DRINK TO THE DEAD is the perfect accompaniment- or taster- to ‘the must-read horror novel of the year.’ Ginger Nuts Of Horror.

'Disturbing and horrifying, Let's Drink to the Dead is another brilliant piece of writing from Simon Bestwick. Buy it you should.' Dark Musings.

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