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'Among the most important writers of contemporary British horror.' -Ramsey Campbell

Devil's Highway

My fourth novel, coming in October 2016 from Snowbooks: the sequel to Hell's Ditch.

Book Two of The Black Road.

Their hair was bleached and matted, their chalk-white skin dry and fissured like sun-baked earth. Their eyes were near-black, glistening clots with a gleam of red; when they grinned their teeth were needles of bone. “Don’t worry, Helen. We won’t hurt you. But something will.”
In the haunted desolation of post-nuclear Britain, the Catchman walks. Spawned from the nightmare of Project Tindalos, it doesn’t tire, stop, or die. It exists only for one purpose: to find and kill Helen Damnation, leader of the growing revolt against the tyrannical Reapers and their Commander, Tereus Winterborn.
Meanwhile, Helen is threatened both from without and within. Her nightmares of the Black Road have returned, and the ghosts of her murdered family demand vengeance, in the form of either Winterborn’s death or her own. And close behind the Catchman, a massive Reaper assault, led by Helen’s nemesis, Colonel Jarrett, is nearing the rebels’ base. Killing Helen has become Jarrett’s obsession: only one of them can emerge from this conflict alive.
With the fate of the rebellion in the balance, Helen faces her deadliest challenge yet, pitted in single combat against an unstoppable killer, commanding armies in a bloody and pitiless battle – and, at last, confronting the demons of her past on the Black Road.

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Praise for Hell's Ditch

Grabs you and won't let go - Pat Cadigan, author of Mindplayers.

Grim, dark, uncompromising, Hell's Ditch is a gripping apocalyptic novel, with flawed and compelling characters scraping what they can from the ashes. - Tim Lebbon, author of The Silence.

A brutal and unrelenting post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure novel that manages to entertain and enlighten in equal measures.   - Ginger Nuts of Horror
With a pitch-perfect dystopia, plenty of violent action, and a raft of absorbing characters, it was one of my top reads of the year and ensured it finished on a thoughtful and explosive high. I just fell into this perfectly-paced and very well written book. Like Adam Nevill’s apocalyptic Lost Girl, it can be read as a gruesome thriller but also enjoyed for its thoughtful layers and complex moral core, and I can’t wait for the next instalment. - Welcome To The Hellforge
I loved the time I spent on the world of Hell’s Ditch and I look forward with much anticipation to the follow ups. It’s a book I recommend highly. - Dark Musings

A rollercoaster ride that clatters along at a wonderful pace and is a fantastic start to what promises to be an engaging and horrific series. Bring on the next book! - Pop Mythology
Darkly entertaining and hugely ambitious in scope... I look forward to discovering where The Black Road series will take us next. - The Eloquent Page

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