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Monday, 19 October 2015

My Fantasycon 2015 Schedule

So, Fantasycon 2015 is almost upon us, out in the wilds of Nottingham. And my schedule is as follows...

Friday 23rd October
5.00pm Chills, Shocks & Empty Bladders: Writing ‘The Fear’
Tapping into what frightens us is fundamental to the success of not only horror fiction but often crime, thrillers and SFF too. Our panel of scaredy-cats considers what scares them and how they create the effects of fear in their writing.
  • what reader-response are writers looking for?
  • using the ‘weird’ to unsettle vs using shock to terrify
  • inside the mind: the use of PoV
  • how to best to place your characters in jeopardy
  • the technicalities of creating fear: language, structure, pacing etc.
Moderator: Emma Audsley
Panellists: Simon Bestwick, Neil John Buchanan, Ramsey Campbell, Lynda Rucker, Sara Jayne

11.00pm I'll be reading a portion of Hell's Ditch for anyone who's a) stayed awake that late and b) can stay awake through it.

Saturday 24th October
1.00pm: Spectral Press
Mark Morris (editor) launches The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories.
Available to sign the books are: Tim Lebbon, Adrian Cole, Nicholas Royle, Paul Meloy, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Ray Cluley, Alison Moore, Stephen Volk, Rob Shearman, Simon Bestwick and Cliff McNish, as well as Mark, himself. 

The rest of the time... there'll be panels, there'll be readings, there'll be launches. But most likely, I'll be in the bar. :)

Maybe I'll see you there.

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