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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Important Announcement: Spectral Press and Black Mountain

As some folk will know, Spectral Press, who published Black Mountain, have run into financial straits. I'll blog more about the background to this in the near future.

Spectral is to become an imprint of Ticketty Boo Press who will take over its management while allowing Simon Marshall-Jones to continue as editor. Spectral's existing authors will be offered new contracts; for various reasons I've chosen not to go with the new imprint, so the rights to Black Mountain have now been reverted to me.

The serial should be taken down from Amazon later today. If for any reason it hasn't, I would ask you all to please NOT purchase any copies - there may well already be outstanding royalties owing to me for Black Mountain. I say 'may be' because I have to date only received a payment of £50 in respect of this title, and I'm not at this time sure if this was a belated advance or royalties owing to me. Basically, I may be owed money as it is, and there's no guarantee any monies paid for copies of Black Mountain will find their way to me.

I will be speaking to my agent in the week about whether this is something he might be interested in representing; if not, I will look to find a new publisher or bring it out as an ebook myself.

Further details will be provided when I have them.

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