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Monday, 28 March 2016

Cover Reveal: Devil's Highway

Just received the cover work for the second Black Road novel from Emma Barnes at Snowbooks, who asked for my reaction. It was a few minutes before I could manage anything more coherent than OH HELL YES.

As you can see, it's awesome. Observant readers will notice that the title here is Devil's Highway rather than The Devil's Highway. I've been umming and ahhing about which one I prefer - initially, I liked the sound of it better with a The, but it does have a terser ring without it, and all the other Black Road novels will have two-word titles, so I'm leaning towards Devil's Highway now.

Anyway, those details will be hammered out shortly. In the meantime... that cover.

All being well, Devil's Highway (or The Devil's Highway) will be out in hardback come October.


Luke Walker said...

That is a NICE cover. Great title, too.

Simon said...

Thanks! :)