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Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Hell's Ditch Blog Tour

Tentatively resuming normal service on the blog... well, as you may remember, my new book Hell's Ditch is released on December 1st in hardback and ebook. To help promote it, I've arranged a blog tour with the following lovely people. It starts on Monday and it goes like this:

Week One!

Monday 23rd November: Between The Cold War and The Third, over at This Is Horror|.

Tuesday 24th November: Interview by Ray Cluley at Probably Monsters.

Wednesday 25th November: Excerpt from Hell's Ditch at Infinity Plus.
Thursday 26th November: The Long Black Road Out Of Hell, at James Bennett's blog.
Friday 27th November:
Week Two!
Monday 30th November: Can One Man Survive? at Strange Tales.

Tuesday 1st December (RELEASE DAY): A Fallen World, at Walking In The Dark, and Soldier, Gaunt Soldier: Peter Watkins' The War Game, with Cate Gardner.
(Also the online launch party - see below!)
Wednesday 2nd December: Masada In Yorkshire, at Rosanne Rabinowitz's Writings and Rantings.
Thursday 3rd December: The Casting Couch: Some Thoughts On Characterisation, at Andy Angel's page.
Friday 4th December: Broken Threads, at From Hell To Eternity.

Week Three!
Monday 7th December: Flash Fiction: No Room For The Weak, at Mark Gunnells' blog.
Tuesday 8th December: War Without End, at Dark Musings.
Wednesday 9th December: The Rats and the Ruins: Domain by James Herbert, at Graeme Reynolds' blog.
Thursday 10th December: Dead Frogs: Some Notes On Writing Dialogue, at Jay Faulkner's blog.
Friday 11th December: Zen and the Art of Rebellion: Kerr Avon and Blakes' 7, at Jenny Barber's blog.

I'll update this post with links as they go up. Next week should hopefully see some advance reviews; I'll link to them as well.

There may be some sort of belated event in meatspace in the New Year, or to boost the paperback coming out in March, but until then, there's an online launch party on Facebook on the release date. This will include discounts on the hardback and ebook, an ebook giveaway, and a reading from Hell's Ditch (via the wonders of YouTube) for anyone who fancies it. (If you're on my Facebook friends list and haven't been invited, sorry! I started inviting everyone I knew and then found out too late there's a limit to how many invites I can send. So if you want to take part, click the link and invite yourself!)

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