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Monday, 30 December 2019

That Inevitable Year-In-Review/Horn-Blowing/Awards Eligibility Post

I'm never keen on blowing my own horn, and according to one fellow on Facebook, even a single post about what I've published in a year that would be eligible for award nominations represents an unacceptable level of log-rolling. (I did try to see his point of view, but nearly put my back out trying to fit my head up my arse, so I abandoned the attempt.)

Anyway, here is my one-off post on what I've had published this year.

And Cannot Come Again (ChiZine Press - to be reissued by Horrific Tales next year)
A Love Like Blood (Dark Minds Press)

Short fiction: (not including material published on Patreon)
'Comfort Your Dead' (in And Cannot Come Again)
'As The Crow Flies' (on Ginger Nuts of Horror - you can read it here, or hear me read it in YouTube.)
'Below' (in Terror Tales of North West England)

'Burns The Witchfire, Upon The Hill' (in A Love Like Blood)
'Fitton's Ghost' (in A Love Like Blood)

'And Cannot Come Again' (in And Cannot Come Again)

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