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Monday, 9 March 2015

Redman's Hill

Me upon hearing the news.
So, the first post of 2015...

Bloody hell: March already. The time whizzes by fast. But I haven't posted because I've had nothing to say, only because I haven't been able to say it...

Well, as you may remember, back last year I intimated I had some big book-related news to break. I've had to bite my tongue while release dates and whatnot were sorted out, but now at last I can say it:


*bounces around the house squeeing like a mofo*


Me unable to share the news.
The novel will be coming out through those lovely people at Solaris Books (you know, those nice folks who brought you The Faceless) and edited by the steady hand of Jonathan Oliver (who you can blame for both The Faceless AND Tide Of Souls.)

Now, I know you're desperate to know what my new book's about (stop laughing at the back), so here's a bit of a blurb:

The suburb of Crawbeck stands on a hill outside Manchester, overlooking the woodlands of Browton Vale. Alice Collier was happy here, once; now her life’s fallen apart and she’s come
Me, now able to share the news.

Standing on the hilltop, 378 Collarmill Road looks like an ordinary semi-detached house. But sometimes, the world outside the windows isn’t the one you expect to see. And sometimes you’ll turn around and find you’re not alone.

John Revell, an old flame of Alice’s, reluctantly comes to her aid. Together they begin to uncover the secrets and legends of the past – the legends of the Beast of Crawbeck and the mysterious Red Man, and the secrets of the shadowy and ruthless Arodias Thorne.

Alice’s house stands at a gateway between worlds, a gateway she and John must learn to open. Because something ancient has been disturbed, and something dark is coming.

Redman's Hill will be released in December 2016. You can read Solaris' press release here.

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