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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Best Horror Of The Year #1

Just received an email today from the editor Ellen Datlow in New York. I can proudly announce that The Narrows has been selected for the first volume of her new Best Horror Of The Year anthology.

I'm absolutely delighted with this. Ellen is the premier editor in the USA for horror fiction and it's a great thrill to be accepted, especially given the length of the story.


Chris Wood said...

Hearty congratulations, mate - very well done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Simon. I quite enjoyed The Narrows.

What's the approximate word count?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ellen! I didn't see you standing there!

(i guessed 14000)

Mrs Pouncer said...

Who is imago1, and why does he say he QUITE enjoyed The Narrows? I would've said something like: Simon, darling! My manicurist and I simply fought like wildcats over The Narrows! We couldn't put it down, and when we did it was scooped up by some passing masseuse who besmothered it with Oil of Morning Glory and hid it in the Hammam. PLEASE let us know what happens! Does the loss adjustor ever come to terms with the amputation? And is the denouement set in Rottingdean?

I don't believe in damning with faint praise, as you know. Cx

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Pouncer:

That's quite enough from you, dear lady.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Congratulations that's awesome.

Harkon said...

Well done Simon. That's really cool :)

Simon said...

Thanks to everybody for the kind words.

Chris- Cheers mate, much appreciated.

Laird Barron (aka imago1), meet Mrs Pouncer; Mrs Pouncer, meet Laird, a US writer of considerable accomplishment(s).

Catherine and Harkon- thanks!